As you wander downwards, deeper into the musky stone hallways of
the Crypt; you stumble upon a cold, Cathedral-like space deep within the Earth.
Lit by torches, the cobblestone around you shimmers. It seems you've discovered...

The Mausoleum

What are you striving for?

About This Space

I identify as an ex-Catholic Occultist! For me this means that I like to work with the supernatural and magic, especially the "darker" and "hidden" aspects of it, but my theological views come from a Catholic background. Besides Occultist, you can also refer to me with the terms Magician or Wizard. I'm also proudly psychotic! So I'd like to note my spiritual beliefs and psychotic delusions go hand-in-hand. They aren't exactly the same, but they have enough overlap that I can't draw a clear line between them. Because of this, I ask you to be polite. My beliefs may seem strange at times, but they're no more inherently fake — nor more inherently real — than any non-psychotic person's beliefs!