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"The bats have left the bell tower...
The victims have been bled...
Red velvet lines the black box...
Bela Lugosi's dead!"

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Hello, my name is Valentine! Welcome to my site! This is a collection of various things I enjoy - like a scrapbook. In the real world, I work at a shelter during the day and go to goth clubs at night. I love gothic fashion, music, and culture! I also like to write poetry, watch movies, study the occult, and get high. One day, I'd love to be a published author. You can refer to me with he/him/his, she/her/hers, hy/hymn/hys, or v/v/vs pronouns. I'm a proud transsexual femme man, and a proud leather gay! I hope you enjoy your stay here, I'll be adding more soon!

Latest Update:

busy busy busy!

12/31/22 - #3

GODDAMN it's been minute, and I wish I weren't neglecting this page so much. Maybe my ambitions were too high, but there's always the future! A slow few months doesn't mean a slow forever. Where have I been? BUSY! Did I mention last post that I adopted a dog in August? I'll give him a page here at some point, same as my crabs (hopefully). His name is Phineas and he's small but demanding, even now he can't stand me looking at the computer -- and not him -- for even a few minutes. He's still young though, fingers crossed he chills out with age or else he'll be the death of me.

My new job has been keeping me busy too. But it's been good? better than my last one. Upper management has some serious issues, but my coworkers and lower managemt are so nice ... I even have irl friends now?! Like, friends plural. I can't remember the last time I've had irl friends, and though it's added a new wave of anxiety to my life, it's been really good too.

Lastly, I can't forget to mention: I'm an official member at my goth club now!! I should be getting a physical membership card tonight too, for my wallet and bragging rights. Speaking of tonight, it's their annual NYE party! I'm mostly nervous, especially because none of my friends could make it, and I'll be wearing my pup hood there which is a bold move, but I'm trying to remind myself: I went alone last year and had a great time! Here's hoping this year is just as good!

my new years resolutions:

  • more neocities, less social media.
  • think more of other people's wants/needs, and keep improving my social skills.
  • talk about unionizing! (and don't let a stab wound interrupt it this time... that's a whole story there lol)
  • get my mental health more under control; specifically my dissociation, anxiety, and memory. I don't have any specific plans wrt that yet, so planning is step one.

and because resolutions are hard to stick to, my word of the year shall be:


thx for reading ^_^ - Val

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