"The bats have left the bell tower...
The victims have been bled...
Red velvet lines the black box...
Bela Lugosi's dead!"

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About Me

Hello, my name is Valentine! Welcome to my site! This is a collection of various things I enjoy - like a scrapbook. In the real world, I work with animals during the day and go to goth clubs at night. I love gothic fashion, music, and culture! I also like to write poetry, watch movies, study the occult, and get high. One day, I'd love to be a published author. You can refer to me with he/him/his, hy/hymn/hys, or v/v/vs pronouns. I'm a proud trans nonbinary man, a proud leather gay, and a proud femme! I hope you enjoy your stay here, I'll be adding more soon!

Latest Update

Hello World!

6/23/22 - #1

Edits made on 7/4/22

Two days ago marked the soft-opening of Asmoday.neocities.org (this site)! I'm looking forward to adding on to this site - a little more every day! I already have some rough plans such as:

  • A page for my art
  • Music
  • More graphics + alt text for the existing graphics - Edit: alt text is now in progress!
  • Photos of my favorite dogs
  • A page for my pet hermit crabs!
  • Something about my local goth scene (did you know there's a vampire burried near me...)
  • An archive for these blog posts so they don't all clutter up my home page LOL

I've also started the "Mausoleum" side of my website (If you haven't found it yet, scroll around on this page... I've even added a hint somewhere to make the puzzle easy XD). It may be unsurprising for you to know I love the occult! So in the Mausoleum I will be making pages on:

  • Divination/tarot
  • Incense
  • Sigils

And a handful of digital altars to:

  • Saint Judas Iscariot - Edit: Now Here!
  • Saint Joan of Arc
  • Asmoday (the site's namesake!)
  • Baphomet
  • Maybe a few more!

But anyway, that's all my plans for now! Progress will be slow but I've been having more fun here than I've had on social media in ages, so I expect to stick around. Thank you for viewing my site, and see u later! -Val

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